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Blarney Art & Crafts
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Blarney Square Blarney Co. Cork

Daily art Lessons and in Oils


Even if you have never painted before you can do this!


  • You will learn how to paint fantastic skies,sunsets, and clouds....
  • You will learn majestic moutains....
  • you will learn how to paint all kinds of trees, evergreens,


1, 2, 3 hour lessons are available


3 Hour Lessons will Iclude all Materials and you will take home a finished painting with you.


2 Hour Lesson you can start a new painting or just practice what you lernt in the 3 hour lesson but you do not take the painting home.


1 Hour lesson would be the same as the 2 hour lesson



6 week Art Courses are available


This is where we break everything down into 6 two hour lessons

2 hours of each subject, and on the 6th lesson putting it all together in 

one painting which you take home with you.



1 Hour lesson € 15.00

2 Hour lesson € 25.00      All material Included

3 Hour lesson € 35.00



6 Week Art Course

€ 130.00                          All materials Included

Daily Art Lessons

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Blarney Square Blarney Co. Cork
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